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Виставка взуття оптом від виробників України

2018-08-08 15:26:03
ExpoShoes Manager
Виставка взуття оптом від виробників України

The best offers for the exhibition of shoes online offers an online exhibition of footwear and accessories project ExpoShoes Online Ukraine. A huge number of men's, women's and children's shoes for entrepreneurs of Ukraine and CIS countries only on our wholesale portal, which already has 80 to 100 manufacturers!

In 2011, a wonderful exhibition ground was born for footwear manufacturers and entrepreneurs who wish to conduct their business in convenient conditions and without leaving their homes. You can save quite a lot of money with our exhibition of shoes. Both on trips, food, and on his time, which, alas, often is not enough.

Since 2012 our exhibition has been completely launched and the first Ukrainian manufacturers and footwear factories and their supplier located on the territory of Ukraine started to be located. At first, there were 10 to 20 producers, but over time they became much larger. Now there are more than 80 of them, among them there are manufacturers of women's, men's and children's shoes. There are also suppliers of component materials for footwear production.

By attaining long-term trust in our wholesale business platform, it can not only make huge sales, but also buy quality footwear for chains of shops, boutiques, online shoes shops and other outlets.

An interactive wholesale catalog of shoes offers to buy more than 30,000 models of shoes, spring-summer and autumn-winter collections. We have high security deals. Each order has its own serial number and is tracked. All ordered shoes are paid to the accounts of manufacturers "customer-supplier", the same is done and sending the finished order of shoes to the wholesale customer. After receiving the order for wholesale, the buyer closes his order. Also, he can place the shoe goods bought at the exhibition in our retail network of the portals of the Internet sales and news network project from "Footwear Info".

Many of the buyers at the portal's exhibition bought from the manufacturer shoes in bulk at https://exposhoes.com.ua/obuv-optom - buy shoes directly from the warehouse of companies and suppliers!

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